Election of New Officers 2020/2021
By Vice President Chris Schoon
November 14, 2020

The October elections are over and the winners are: (No recounts needed!)

President – Angela Wilhelm
Rescue Chief- Jeff Walker
Vice President – Chris Schoon
Recording Secretary – Samantha Berrios
Treasurer – Matt Heindrichs
Membership Coordinator – Kathy Webster
Board of Directors: James Boswell, Joanne Jensen, Sean Lunn, Patty Byram
1st Lt. - Kathy Webster
Training Sgt.- Sean Lunn
Vehicle Sgt. - James Boswell
Logistics Sgt.- Faith Gelinas
The new officers were sworn in at the Monthly Membership meeting on November ,.
Sheriff David Decatur administered the Oath of Office.

Jayne Toellner was awarded Volunteer Officer of the Year by Stafford County Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Alan Baldwin. Chief Baldwin also presented a Meritorious Service Award to Patricia Copeland for he work with CISM.

Squad Person of the Year was awarded to Matt Heindrichs by Rescue Chief Jeff Walker.
Angela Wilhelm recognized Stephanie Jones with the President's Award for stepping up when the Recording Secretary resigned, contributions to Squad IT and anniversary T-shirt design.

Top Ten Call Runners for 2019-2020

Name Calls Hours
9. Faith Gelinas 100 533
9. Carl Jones 100 309
8. Jonathan Krob 112 552
7. James Boswell 136 587
6. Jeff Walker 150 651
5. Nick Brown 153 662
4. Sean Lunn 177 950
3. Hailey Brown 191 720
2. Kathy Webster 378 1553
1. Jayne Toellner 690 2330

New EMTs
Hailey Brown
Cami Gentile
Sterling Hunter
Jonathan Krob
Alex McIntyre
Nicole Qurra
Byron Trafton

Advanced- EMT
Kathy Webster

Nick Brown
Sean Lunn
Carl Jones

Bryce Austin
Jason Cloutier
Jeremy Hayward
Joanne Jensen

Firefighter I and Mayday
Faith Gelinas

Firefighter I & II and Mayday
Matt Heindrichs

Dinner from Mission BBQ served.

Congratulations to everyone.