Stay Safe; Inside and Out
By Vice President Chris Schoon
June 13, 2020

There has been a lot of changes in our daily lives these past few months. Stores closing or limited hours. Cinemas closed. No sporting events. No plays. Libraries closed. Cancelled church services.
But like the home page on the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board web site says: “Hope has not been canceled.”
There are signs of neighbor supporting neighbors all around us here is Aquia Harbour. Many have already been documented in other articles in this publication.
It is easy to become isolated with restrictions being placed upon us, but we can still stay connected. Phone, texting, video chats, skype
All are ways to check on our love ones. If you are feeling depressed and alone there are resources out there to help you get through these trying times.
The RACSB in Stafford I located at 15 Hope Road and their phone number is 540-659-2725 for services.
If there is an emergency need call 540-373-6876
EMS providers have the Critical Incident Stress Management Team to help them though difficult times. Our providers are exposed to many scenes and tragedies many times in their careers that others may never see.
This Team is trained to support First Responders in Fire/Rescue and Law enforcement. It can be difficult caring for a patient that might make you sick. Dealing with these issues is pat of what we do.
That is why the little things are so appreciated by our crews.
Running duty at the rescue squad today, Mothers’ Day, a gentleman came by with beautiful Siberian irises for the mothers on the crews today.
The squad has received meals form restaurants and churches and snacks form families.
Thank you all for the kindness and caring you have shown our First Responders.

Safety Topic: Don’t let the fumes get you.
Springtime means clean time around my house. Sprucing up may mean painting, varnishing, cleaning with strong chemicals.
Make sure you are in a well- ventilated space when using these items. Follow the directions on the packaging.
The rescue squad has taken many patients to the hospital over the years who were overcome by the fumes..
It is easy to want to close the door to keep the kids or pets out, but are you putting yourself at risk by doing so?
Headache, nausea and dizziness are signs of exposure. If you experience difficulty breathing or altered mental status, it is time to call 911
Watch for “huffing” in middle school aged children. Spray paint, permanent markers, Freon from AC units are cheap ways for these kids to get a high.
More information is available on the Poison control web site: