Get Ready for Spring
By Vice President Chris Schoon
March 26, 2020

March 2020
March come in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb, so the saying goes. Who knows this year? But any way we must be prepared. There can and often is that late snowfall that can paralyze our area. The nice exception is the condition of the roads in the Harbour. They seem to be cleared a lot faster and more thoroughly that other spots in the County. Are you prepared for a couple of days of not getting out of the Harbour. Batteries, alternative heating, food items that do not require cooking? Again be prepared. Do you have a first aid kit? When was the last time you checked it? I just found some items from 10 years ago in mine.
If you start your Spring clean up this month, remember to watch for critters that may be waking up too. Never reach into dark corners or under stairs. You don’t know what might have crawled in for a warm spot during the winter. I think spiders and snakes. Not all are venomous but a bite still hurts. We have the Black widow (think hourglass on abdomen) and Brown Recluse spiders (dark violin shape located behind its three eyes)in our area.
Prevention: Wear gloves, shoes and socks when gardening, cleaning the garage, or cutting/carrying firewood. 2> Don’t leave soiled shoes outside where spiders may crawl in. 3. Destroy spider and webs in living areas.
Last month our members were down at the Fredericksburg Expo Center for the KIDS EXPO. There were hundreds of kids. Our members demonstrated how to help a choking patient: abdominal thrusts in the adult and child and back slaps and chest compressions on an infant. It was hands on teaching. There were several other rescue squads and fire companies from around the area displaying their apparatus, ambulances, fire trucks and ladder trucks. Local law enforcement were also present.