Happy New Year!
By President Chris Schoon
January 1, 2024

At the December meeting, the Squad recognized members for the past year’s hard work. County Fire Chief Joseph Cardello was in attendance to congratulate the membership for their accomplishments this past year.
Our members volunteered 15,402 hours of service to Aquia Harbour and Stafford County this past Year

Squad Person of the Year – Sean Lunn
Junior Member of the Year – Caleigh Jett
President’s Award – Natasha Roberts

Top Runners:
Brittany Solomon – 968 hours Matt Heindrichs - 842 hours
Annie Devine - 831 hours Sean Lunn - 617 hours
Chaeli Breakwell - 415 hours Chris Schoon – 372 hours
Caleigh Jett - 306 hours Natasha Roberts – 292
Lilianna Nugent – 290 Amanda Woods – 284

The Squad is looking forward to the challenges the new year will bring. We have 8 members working on their task books to be released as an EMT, 3 working on ambulance driver release task books, 4 that have passed the EMT class and have to take the National Registry Exam. Our Preceptors are working alongside them to help complete their goals. Later this month there are members starting the Spring EMT class. Don't let anyone tell you there are not Volunteers at the Aquia Harbour Fire Rescue Station 9. We are here and thriving!

What are your goals for this year? If you or your organization would like squad members to come and demonstrate/teach Hands only CPR, please contact us. Contact numbers are under the Officers on our front page.