Training members
By President Chris Schoon
August 20, 2023

July was a busy month. The squad had 5 members in the summer EMT class and all have passed the class. Two members completed and passed the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course. We tend to run short on drivers.
Our members have been staffing the units and many are being precepted on combined
career/volunteer crews. Last weekend my volunteer crew was able to precept a career Firefighter
driver so he could complete his driving requirements. When we staff our units, it allows for the
possibility of another unit being staffed by career personnel. There have been some bad fires and
motor vehicle crashes that needed many units on one scene. Having our volunteers out there
makes us all safer.
At our County monthly orientation meeting, Bobby Eaby, Volunteer
Coordinator, has a slide recognizing the over 103,000 hours all the volunteers fire and rescue
contributed. That is saving Stafford County taxpayers a lot of money.
Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad celebrated its 34th anniversary on July 21 st . Many thanks
to all our volunteers over the years and to the Aquia Harbour community for the support you
have shown.