It's cold Outside!
By President Chris Schoon
February 18, 2023

February 2023
What a difference from last year. No snow, no power lines down, just cold. As it should be.
We still need to be careful when working or playing outside. Common cold weather emergencies
include. Hypothermia and frost bite.
Frost bite occurs to isolated parts of the body, most commonly ears, nose hands and feet. When
first exposed the areas are red and inflamed, the turn grey or mottled white and then stiff and
hard. Victims may complain of prickling pain and numbness, movement impairment.
Hyperthermia occurs with drop in body temperature (below 96 degrees). The degree of damage
and injury depends on how low the temperature falls. The body shunts blood from the
extremities (hand, arms and legs, feet) to protect the core. Breathing functions decrease with the
drop in temperature. Even if you cannot see breathing, seek treatment. The victim needs to be
fully rewarmed. Old adage:
“The hypothermic patient is not dead until he is warm and Dead.”
First treatment is to get the victim out of the cold. Replace wet clothing with dry
Cover with blankets and insulating materials. Wrap the patient from head to toe.
With frost bite patients, don’t rewarm if you are far from help and shelter and there is a chance of
re-freezing the extremity.
These are very basic first steps. Call 911 for assistance.

Congratulations are in order for our new EMT-B members: Justin Carrasquillo and Liliana
We thank you for your support!