Happy Birthday Americia!
By Vice President Chris Schoon
June 18, 2022

Happy Birthday America!
.............And Happy Anniversary Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad!

Celebrate safely. Keep your children safe around fireworks and remember water safety for that pool party. Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4?
Here are some recommendations from SafeKids.org:
1. Attend public fireworks displays. Leave lighting fireworks to the professionals and watch from a safe distance.
2. Give children glowsticks instead of sparklers. Sparklers can heat up to more than 1,200 degrees and are dangerous for young children.
3. Keep fireworks away from children. Make sure you keep children a safe distance away from lit fireworks.
4. Keep kids safe in the water. Remember to keep young children and weak swimmers with an arm’s reach of an adult. Older swimmers should always have a partner when swimming.
5. Designate an adult watcher and change out every 15-30 minutes.
6. Teach the children to swim.
7. Learn CPR so you are prepared for the worse.

The squad is celebrating 33years of service to Aquia Harbour and Stafford County. Another milestone this year, our current Rescue Chief, Patricia Copeland is celebrating 30 years with the Squad. She is a paramedic and heads the Critical Incident Management Team is our area. Trisha is an instructor for Red Cross CPR, Babysitting classes, Mass casualty instruction That’s in addition to running her required duties each month on the ambulance. Congratulations!