It is time to Celebrate!
By Vice President Chris Schoon
April 17, 2022

Congratulations to Hailey Brown! Hailey just passed her National Registry Paramedic exam. She graduated for high school last year and for the past nine months she has been in class for her paramedic certification. Hailey earned her EMT while she was in High school and volunteer with the Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad since October of 2019. Also, during this time, she has been in firefighter class. That course should finish up in the next few weeks. Even with 4-5 days of classes a week, Hailey has consistently been one of our top 5 runners every month and was named Squad Person of the Year last year.

More Congratulations!
Matt Heindrichs for completing his Firefighter training no longer a Red hat (i.e. newbie). Matt has been with the Squad since 2017 and is currently serving as our treasurer and Training Sgt. He is also working on his release as an Advanced-EMT in the final phase.

Austin Buckholtz has been released as a driver for the ambulance. Austin joined the squad just last year. He is a student in the EMT class and will test out next month.

Jena Haycock is now an Attendant In Charge (AIC) as an EMT on the Ambulance. Jena joined the squad in January 2021. She is working towards PA school. Great job, Jena!

Spring is the time for yard work. Time to clear trash and debris away from your mailbox or address sign. It is frustrating for the Fire and EMS crews not being able to locate a house because we cannot read the house number from the street. It is frustrating for the family and patient, too. This just delays care and treatment. Take a look at your house from the street. How easy is it to see? Make any needed improvements.

Please visit our website for more information about us. And information on joining. If you are already certified as a Virginia EMT, EMT-I, or paramedic the road to volunteering is rewarding. We can always use new members. How to Volunteer and much more is on our website