March is Brain Injury Awareness Month
By Vice President Chris Schoon
March 2, 2022

March 2022
March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The idea that brain injury can happen to anyone, hit
home this past month with the untimely death of Bob Saget from a blunt trauma to the back of
the head per the Orange County Medical examiner’s report. There are many causes for brain
injury. Something a simple as bumping heads to assaults, from strokes to seizures can be the
cause. Many of our children will get a brain injury from sports or riding a bicycle. Everyone
should always wear an appropriate, protective helmet for whatever sport they participate. There
is no such thing as a Concussion -Proof” helmet, but the helmet is there to protect from a serious
brain injury or skull fracture. Prevention is the best Medicine is this instance.
Non traumatic injuries can be from strokes, infections, aneurysms, seizure, toxic exposures, and
brain tumors.
For our youngsters, gates for stairs, playgrounds with soft cover such as woodchips, mulch and
sand are the best. For adults with walking/gait problems, clear hallways of clutter and get rid of
the throw rugs. It is very easy to trip over those.
More information on brain injuries can be found on the VA Department of Health web site under injury and violence prevention

Be safe!