January snows! and snows!
By Vice President Chris Schoon
January 17, 2022

January snows! and snows!
...and it is only January 17th. Our crews have been extremely busy these past 2 weeks. impassable roads, trees down, and no electricity or CAD dispatch. Our County Dispatcher office did an amazing job keeping track of all the emergencies and emergency vehicles. Listening to the radio, these dispatchers went from one call to the next, to he next, to the next, with hardly a break. Our crews did 24-36 and 48 hours shifts. The career staff were on duty for even more hours. These are truly dedicated Emergency Medical and Fire service members. We know that response times were extended, but if you could not get out, just think how hard it was for crews to get in to the subdivisions and the more rural roads. Crews have related to me how they had to turn around several times to find another route to reach a patient due to trees or wires down in the road.

Thank you to our crews , and Thank You for your patience!

Here are some pictures of our crews!