Celebrating 32 Years for Service
By Vice President Chris Schoon
July 11, 2021

Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad celebrated 32 years of service to the Aquia Harbour community and Stafford County in July. As with any organization there have been lots of changes to include:
1989 July – AH Response vehicle; Harbour 9 In Service
1990 January- first Ambulance
1991 Advanced Life Support crews and building opened
2007 Engine 9 (Career Crew) joined us in serving the citizens in northern Stafford
Our crews respond wherever needed in the County and beyond for mutual aid.
The Fire/EMS services in the County are both volunteer and career. Same training, same certifications for starting out in the profession. There have been difficult times for volunteer organizations but we are still going strong. Many days we have 2 units staffed to respond to 911 calls. Thank you for your support.
Congratulations to new released drivers; Bob Reddick, Joanne Jensen, Bryce Austin and Brittany Solomon.
Come see us at National Night Out in the Harbour on Tuesday, August 3rd at Lions Field.
Don’t run into us by Accident!