AHVRS Celebrates 30 Years for Service
By President Chris Schoon
July 21, 2019

It’s here! 30th Anniversary for the Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad.

I have been posting pictures from the past in our article for the past few months. There are a few more with this article, but it is time to look at the present and the future. We received a new Advanced Life Support Ambulance from the County this past month.

Current membership - 62 July 21,1989 – 10

Paramedics, Intermediates All EMT Basics and EVOC drivers, Admin

EMT-B, EVOC Drivers, Admin

Call volume – Then 60 calls in first six months; this year 309 three months February, March and April

Our first response vehicle was a refurbished Sheriff’s vehicle and the first ambulance was donated by the Henrico County Volunteer Rescue Squad through the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads.
Our members our racking up between 1300-1800 hours a month volunteering in various capacities for the County. Training hours, hours on duty answering 911 calls, standbys for sports and graduation, organizational and church festivals are included along with the administrative hours for AHVRS.

Our members continue to train and earn new certifications; learning new skills and medical update.

If you go to the Gallery on this site, you will see years of participation in community events.

Thank you for your support throughout the years and years to come.