March - Rescue Review
By President Chris Schoon
February 24, 2019

March 2019
I have often mentioned in these articles the emphasis the Squad puts on Training. I am happy to announce that another member, Nick Brown, EMT-B, has earned his Advanced EMT certificate. Nick has started this preceptorship with Squad to gain the experience he will need to lead a medic crew. Nick started with the Squad in June 2016. He was soon released as driver and has been volunteering, working, and going to school since. Congratulations, Nick!

New members are joining the squad every month. This is a very good thing as we lose members to new job opportunities, re-assignments, transfers, illness, and retirements. It is encouraging to see the number of young people joining whether it is to try something new or to gain experience for the next step in their lives. Our training center gets a workout for skills testing and practicing CPR, airway management, and patient assessment. Our weekend shifts fill up early and we often have 2 crews staffed to answer emergency calls. The parking lot gets very crowded. Please yield to the emergency vehicles when they have the lights sirens going.

March may be a little early for yard work, but never too late to clear trash and debris away from your mailbox or address sign. It is frustrating for the Fire and EMS crews not being able to locate a house because we cannot read the house number from the street. It is frustrating for the family and patient, too. This just delays care and treatment. Take a look at your house from the street. How easy is it to see? Make any needed improvements. That request came from one of the firefighters on Engine 9.
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