2019 Time for a New Start
By President Chris Schoon
January 3, 2019

2019 New start.
New adventures.
New things to learn.
That happens every time our Emergency Medical Services personnel step onto the ambulance for a call. Start the engine to respond to an unknown malady. Each call means starting a new professional relationship with our patient. Caring for our patient is our number one priority. We learn about diseases and new medications from our patients. While most of the adventurous EMS calls are on TV, we do see some here in Stafford. As all around the country, the increase in opioid overdoses is on the rise in our area. More traffic, more auto accidents. More shootings and stabbings. Our treatments have changed in the 29 years since the Squad has been responding to 911 calls. New innovations. Evidence-based treatments. What really works to save a life? We are using tourniquets again for uncontrolled bleeding. We have quick clotting agents in our gear bags to help stop bleeding. Many of these advances are gleaned from our military medics and corpsmen practices. EMS is an evolving discipline.
Have you taken a CPR class in the last 5 years? There have been changes made in the delivery of CPR. For all age groups our rate of compressions is 100-120 per minute.
In the adult (single or 2 rescuer) CPR: compressions to ventilations(breaths) are 30 compressions to 2 breaths
For Children and infants (Single rescuer) 30 compressions to 2 breaths
For Children and infants (2 rescuers): 15 compressions to 2 breaths
Pump hard and pump fast. Remember the “Stayin’ Alive” song by the Bee Gees to get the correct beat.
Visit our web site to learn how to become a part of our team. www.ahvrs.org