2017-2018 AHVRS Leadership/Recognitions
By Vice President Chris Schoon
October 21, 2017

The Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad held elections for new officers at their membership meeting on October 11th. The 2017-2018 Officers will be:
President – Angela Lang Rescue Chief- Jayne Toellner
Vice President – Chris Schoon Vehicle Lt. – Joe Dietz
Recording Secretary – Janet Schroeder Admin. Lt. – Jeff Walker
Treasurer – Jeff Walker Supply Lt. – Roxanne Dunn
Membership Secretary – Wayne George Training Lt. – Patricia Copeland

Board of Directors: Patricia Copeland, Roxanne Dunn, Bob Holcombe, Anne Mc Dermott
New officers will be installed at the annual Recognition Banquet October 21, 2017 at the Aquia Harbour Clubhouse.
Special Recognition to our Top Call Runners for 2016-2017 with over 300 volunteer hours: James Boswell, Wayne George, Danielle Shriver, Jayne Toellner, Jo Jo Lareza, Ericka Daley, Joe Dietz, Jeff Walker, Nick Brown, Suzie Brooks and Chris Schoon.
The Squad has two other members who earned their EMT in the Spring. They are Katie Abdalla and Jeff Walker. Both have been dedicated members helping to staff the ambulance. Katie is taking a few months off, having had a baby this summer.

AHVRS awarded Squad Person of the Year to Jeff Walker for his contributions to the Squad last year. Jeff is our Treasurer and stepped in at Vehicle Lt. when an opening occurred. Jeff racked up over 290 hours on the ambulance with 135calls last year. He has a full- time job and earned his EMT certificate last year.
The President’s Award was presented to Joe Dietz for his help in many capacities. Joe is an EMT/Driver and was Admin Lt last year. He wore many hats, if equipment or furniture needed to be put together, he was the man to call. Joe was a Top Ten Runner with 153 calls and over 450 hours running on the ambulance, and half the year he was in school earning this Nursing degree